The "H Files"

This page will come up in the form of an FTP screen tree directory... most of these files are jpg's, some are big in size, but are kept that way, so when you download them, if you have a nice ink jet or laser printer, they will print out a 'readable' 8.5x11.
You *may* get an 'image bigger than print area' warning, but that is of no concern, it WILL print out everything to size just fine..
Some are Adobe® Acrobat®  .pdf files.  They require a "reader" program, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® which is available free from Adobe.  If you don't have it, you may get it by clicking on the icon below:

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You may download and use this information for your personal use, 
but profiting from it in any form, printed, magnetic or other form,
will be frowned upon...

And NOW....

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